Word List Builder – KDP – Great For Word Search Puzzles and Research

Do you enjoy creating Word Search Puzzles? Love to publish your books on KDP? Find the process a bit tedious and very time consuming? Well I have the solution for you!

The hardest part of creating Word Search puzzles has to be finding words that are themed towards your target niche. You spend hours looking for words that relate to for example Halloween or Christmas. This can literally take hours and lots of effort. I thought about this situation and came up with an amazing solution!

Introducing Word List Builder

– Easily create 100’s of lists in seconds!

– Each are themed based on your word or phrase

– Compiled into separate files based on word

– Parts of speech filter to find the best matches

– Bad words filter to keep out offending or adult words

– Free API access and 5,000 requests per month

With this software you can literally create thousands of word lists that will allow you to create word search puzzles super fast and easy.

Grab your copy today as this is an introductory price and it will go up soon!

Word List Builder Features

Extreme List Creation

Click a few buttons and have themed word lists

Desktop Based

No need for a server this application is desktop based.

Free API Access

5000+ Queries for Free per month

Parts of Speech Keywords

You can retrieve noun, verb, adverb and adjectives.

Bad Word Filter

Automatically filter out bad words to protect buyers from being offended.

1 to 300 Requests

Get 1 to 300 results each time.